13 Animals Acting Like People – These Cuties Know How To Human

From cat to elephant and seal to dog, these featured animals have it all figured out, they must have all passed Act Like A Human 101.

This Puppy Lifting Weights | Source

puppy weightlifting

This Cat Taking A Selfie | Source

Cat Taking A Selfie

These Dogs Pushing Their “Babies” | Source

This Dog Playing Chess… | Source 


Driving… | Source

dog driving car

Preparing For Poker Night… | Source

Dog is playing poker

And Chilling With Headphones | Source

Dog Chilling With Headphones

This Cat Wearing Pajamas | Source

Cat Wearing Pajamas

This Horse Enjoying A Sip From A Cup | Source

Horse Drinking From Cup

This Dog Playing Basketball | Source

Dog Playing Basketball

This Little Birdie Pulling Up Its Blanket | Source

This Elephant Painting

This Koala Driving A Car | Source

Koala Driving Car

Porter, The World’s First Driving Dog

This Dog Washing Someones Hair | Source

Dog Washing Hair

This Seal Belching For 8 Seconds

If you made it this far down in this post you deserve a bonus!

Bonus: Kangaroo Guitar Solo | Source