Everyday Objects Made A Little Less Useful (18 Pictures)

While the overall theme of this project is “Unlikely… but not Impossible”, these images are picked from the collection with the common feature that, although they are modified to be rather impractical, they are all still usable with a bit of extra effort. This is a small selection from a project titled IMPROBABILITÀ by the artist Giuseppe Colarusso.


2 cutlery with rope handles 3 beer glases attached to each other double beer glass 4 hieroglyphics on keyboard 5 square rolling pin 6 circular saw blade cd-r 7 table tennis bat with a hole 7 weird bottle of water 9 huge piece of pasta bottle caps on shirt instead of buttons dice with missing spots door handle with razor blade


keys attached to each other ruler to draw castle walls saw made of wood sink without drain speedometer watch upside down saucepan weird pictures 33 digit briefcase lock

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