Creatives Display Their Favorite Worst Client Feedback As Posters (10 Pics)

Members of Ireland’s creative community pooled their favorite worst client feedback and turned them into a vast collection (70+) of stylized posters. These are our favorite ten:

Can we make the pig sexier?


Turn it around in Photoshop.


I did this at home.

i did this at home with microsoft paint can you make it look like this

The animated gif is not moving.


Can the snow look a little warmer?

i like it but can the snow look a little warmer

Irish people can’t read italics.

irish people cant read italics

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ispum The copy seems to be in latin but could be italian or spanish

The target audience is males and females aged zero and up.

the target audience is males and females aged zero and up

Red just isn’t right for Christmas.


Portraying the Vikings in a negative light.

youre portraying the vikings in a negative light

You can see the whole collection of more than 70 posters that were also part of an exhibit here. Unfortunately, prints of these posters are no longer available.